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    Welcome to Jean Valentin Photography. We have been creating beautiful memories for brides and families in Philadelphia area for over 10 years. We hope you enjoy looking through our past images. We look forward to hearing from you to create your new memories and further family heirlooms.

What better way to mark the beginning of Spring other than some beautiful flowers (although, based on the weather outside, you would think it’s middle of winter). I hope you enjoy these beautiful arrangements and decorations from the Philadelphia Flower Show 2015.

Red flower hanging arrangement at the Philadelphia Flower ShowOld car transformed in a chicken coop at Philadelphia Flower Show


I would love this Zen garden in my back yard … so calming.

Zen Japanese Garden at Philadelphia Flower Show


However, this Middle Eastern inspired decor would fit right in with some of the Persian weddings I’ve photographed.

Middle Eastern patio decor at Philadelphia Flower ShowBarn at Philadelphia Flower ShowBlue and white flowers in a vase arrangement at Philadelphia Flower Show


And just because it’s a flower show, it doesn’t mean artists will only use flowers. This is a really cool wood design.

Abstract wood design at Philadelphia Flower ShowHouse by a pond at Philadelphia Flower ShowBear figures made out of plants at Philadelphia Flower ShowAbstract white and blue hanging decoration at Philadelphia Flower ShowAbstract plant at Philadelphia Flower ShowWood and flowers decoration at Philadelphia Flower ShowRed flowers and black ornaments at Philadelphia Flower ShowNest on a chair at Philadelphia Flower ShowYellow flowers arrangement at Philadelphia Flower ShowWinter theme flower set decorations at Philadelphia Flower ShowRed flowers and candle holders hanging decoration at Philadelphia Flower ShowDragon and flowers arrangement at Philadelphia Flower ShowAbstract orchid arrangementLingerie made out of flower set at Philadelphia Flower ShowRodeo flower arrangement at Philadelphia Flower ShowCool orange flower at Philadelphia Flower Show


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Welcome back. I hope you will enjoy this entry featuring the beautiful ladies in their evening gowns (and sadly, the last part of this year’s Miss Philadelphia pageant). While you might know by now who the 2015 Miss Philadelphia is, scroll down to view the emotional images from the event.

samantha in the evening gown competitionCodi in her evening gownKate in her evening gownAnna Maria in her evening gownJojo in her evening gownCarrie in her evening gownMiss Philadelphia evening gown competitionevening gown competitionAlexandra in her evening gownPriyanka in her evening gownAlyssa in her evening gownAlexis in her evening gownAdrienne in her evening gownRebecca in her evening gownLauren in her evening gownAnesha in her evening gownAshley in her evening gownGianna in her evening gownJulia Rae in her evening gownAll Miss Philadelphia contestantsContestant receiving community service awardJulia Rae receiving her community service awardLauren receiving her kevin mcaleese scolarshipAdrienne receiving her talent awardOutstanding Teen First Runner Up


First, Miss Philadelphia’s Outstanding Teen:

Miss PhiladelphiaOutstanding Teen receiving her crownMiss Philadelphia


And now, we move to finding out who the new Miss Philadelphia 2015 is …

Fourth Runner Up for Miss Philadelphia 2015Third Runner Up for Miss Philadelphia 2015Second Runner Up for Miss Philadelphia 2015First Runner Up for Miss Philadelphia 2015Reaction of Julia Rae when she heard that she is the new Miss PhiladelphiaMiss Philadelphia 2014 hugging Miss Philadelphia 2015Miss Philadelphia 2015 receiving the crown and flowersMiss Philadelphia 2014 putting the crown on Miss Philadelphia 2015Julia Rae, the new Miss Philadelphia


Miss Philadelphia 2015 (Julia Rae) and Miss Philadelphia’s Outstanding Teen (Samantha) blowing kisses to their families and fans …

Miss Philadelphia and Miss PhiladelphiaMiss Philadelphia 2015 and Miss PhiladelphiaMiss Philadelphia right after she won the competitionMiss Philadelphia 2015 with the four runner upJulia Rae, Miss Philadelphia 2015


The new look of past (and present) Miss Philadelphia …

Current and past Miss PhiladelphiaMiss Philadelphia 2015 Julia Rae with her family


And we end with a portrait of Miss Philadelphia 2014 (Diamond) and Miss Philadelphia 2015 (Julia).

Miss Philadelphia 2014 along with Miss Philadelphia 2015


Congratulations Julia! You will do a wonderful job at representing Philadelphia! Until next year …


Event Photography

Welcome back to the second entry from this year’s Miss Philadelphia pageant. The audience enjoyed a variety of acts. From singing, to contemporary dance, to tap dance, traditional Indian and African dances. A multitude of instruments were played as well. And the background to all this talent was the beautiful David L. Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia.Miss Philadelphia 2015 talent showMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - all contestantsMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - samanthaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - codiMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - kateMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - anna mariaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - jojoMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - carrieMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show -Miss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - priyankaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - alexandraMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - william penn charter schoolMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - adrienneMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - alexisMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - alyssaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - aneshaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - laurenMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - rebeccaMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - julia raeMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - outstanding teenMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - ashleyMiss Philadelphia 2015 talent show - carlye

Check back for the evening gown competition and crowning of Miss Philadelphia 2015


Philadelphia Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I always look forward to this time of the year: it’s the time to meet Miss Philadelphia participants. I’ve been photographing the Miss Philadelphia contestants (and their pageant) for the past five years (you can see previous years here). It’s always a pleasure and I really enjoy their performances. As always, Four Seasons Hotel was gracious enough to provide the space for the workshop.

Here are this year’s participants (in no specific order):



Check back for the talent show pictures …

Kagami Biraki is a traditional Japanese celebration that is held in many traditional martial art schools (dojos) in January. It was an old samurai tradition dating back to 15th century and was adopted by modern martial arts symbolizing the beginning of the new year.

At our dojo, all students are invited to train together and there were instructors from aikido, jujutsu and iaido presenting different techniques from their respective arts. Afterwards, there is a ‘cleansing’ session where people go in the stream behind the dojo and dump a bucket of (really) cold water, followed by food and refreshments.

I hope you enjoy the images, especially since this year the dojo had a guest that trained in the art of samurai warrior since he was 4 yrs old.aikido sensei showing a trowing techniqueaikido river of life dojoaikido trow for defenseaikido techniques trowing your opponentkids training aikidotameshigiri - cutting with a katanasamurai trainingiaidoiaido trainingkagami biraki