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Anniversary Pictures – my parents

Last weekend, my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary. We went out for lunch (me, my sister and our families). I wanted to do something different for them this time. Since they never had professional portraits done before, (aside from the time of mine and my sister’s weddings), I decided that this would be a great occasion to do it. I also wanted to include the grandchildren … in a way they are their “legacy”. We went out to Tyler park in Bucks County right before the sunset. The light was beautiful. Enjoy!





Right before I took the picture, I told them to think back on the past 40 years. I don’t know what they are thinking, but you can see their love is still strong after these years.




And this is the image that I printed for them on a canvas print: the rich past together with the promissing future.


Happy Anniversary! 40 more years!

  • William chang - Great pictures! Love the sunset colors.

  • Kate Warady - Beautiful!!!

  • Valentin - Thank you Katie and William.


  • Adina - Dragul meu var, vad ca mai sus au facut comentarii simple: beautiful, great, … Asta fiindca in engleza nu au exprimarea corecta pentru ceea ce faci tu. BESTIAL !!!!!! Daca iti trimit o fotografia cu pitica mea poti sa mi-o prelucrezi un pic?

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