Camden Boathouse Wedding Reception of Katie & Dmitriy

Camden Boathouse Wedding Reception of Katie & Dmitriy

Welcome to the second part of Dmitriy and Katie’s wedding celebration. I hope you enjoy these images of their intimate wedding reception at the Camden Boathouse (it was my first time working there and I really enjoyed it).


Venue – Camden County Boathouse
Catering – Due Amici



I always enjoy capturing the emotions during the parent dances.


And afterwards they had a parents dance. A very nice gesture to have everybody included.


And then the party started …


… including … lightning strikes. Shortly after the reception started, a big storm hit the area. You can see the lightning bolt in the left side of the image.


You don’t see everyday such acrobatics during the wedding cake cutting 🙂 …. Katie pulling a move from “The Matrix” …


I guess Dmitriy knew what’s about to come ….


All is well when it ends well …


Taking advantage of the calm before the storm for some beautiful bridal portraits.


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