Canoeing Trip

Canoeing Trip

During the summer, I usually have my weekends occupied with photographing events. So, any weekend that I have off is a bonus and I try to spend it with my boys. My older son is a boyscout and they have trips all the time. I love outdoors activities, so I jumped at the chance to go with him.

Gene, our driver from the camp site to the launch site.

And the adventure begins ….

It takes some practice 🙂 ….

A welcomed lunch break.

Not everybody wants to stay out of the water …

Finally!!! …. after 4 hours of paddling, I shared the sentiment 🙂

Setting up camp …


…. and food …

The older scouts have to prepare food for the first year scouts … good practice.

And the entire troop.


Such a great time and great memories. I’m looking forward to the next adventure.