Cutting Edge  - The Boss

Cutting Edge – The Boss

As you remember, not too long ago I photographed the crew at Cutting Edge Entertainment. I wanted to post some images of the boss. We are going to call this post: the many faces of the Boss.

Often times, when you photograph a wedding you are faced with limited time and just one location. The challenge is to make the most out of it and come up with beautiful images for the couple. This was similar situation. A bare building, a storage space and an office. I hope you enjoy the images:

headshot against the sky

I don’t know where he got the shirt from: it could be that he got it at the mansion or maybe he got it as a thank your for being a subscriber. Don’t rush to judgement: there are many great articles in there (or so I’ve heard). And remember: a picture is worth a thousand words….plenty to read there 🙂


After some images with a cigar, there was a lot of smoke in the storage space. We opened up the big doors and got this shot:


Since it rained before (and after) the shot, I decided to use one of the puddles for a reflection shot:

reflection portrait

Upstairs, they have a cool office and we got a couple of shot as well; one with their logo in the background and another one with the posters they have on the walls:



And the last one against the garage doors outside the building:

garage doors