Easter - 2012

Easter – 2012

I honestly don’t know what the connection is between the meaning of Easter and egg hunt. However, I’m sure the kids don’t mind it. And to top it off, my kids do it twice since my wife is Catholic and I am Greek Orthodox (although sometimes the dates do overlap). Every chance I get I still try to go back and use some film for my personal projects (sometimes I miss the workflow: just drop the film at the lab and be done). There is something about shooting film (especially with a medium format camera) that appeals to me. I didn’t develop the black and white film yet (I develop my own B&W film) and I will update this post when I get to it. For now, enjoy some color images 🙂

For the techies out there: Camera – Mamiya 645 AFDII; Film – Kodak Portra 160; Lens – 80mm

I’m usually behind the camera …


My niece and nephew …


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