From mid October to mid November is the best time to take a scenic drive and enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall in Pennsylvania. Today was a beautiful day for such a trip. Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I opted for something closer to home. If you live in Philly and suburbs, Route 32 is a great place to spend a few hours.

I started at the historical Washington Crossing park. It just happened that it was Harvest day and there were a lot of people dressed in 18th century clothing. The place is where Washington crossed the Delaware River onĀ  Christmas night of 1776 for the battle of Trenton (see, you learn something every day).

I then drove along the Route 32 towards New Hope and stopped along the way.

As I was driving, I saw signs for “Bowman’s Tower”. I thought it was one of those instances that a name was given with no correlation of what’s there (like Stone Creek, but there is no creek around). As I was taking pictures (above), when I turned to go back to the car, I saw that there is actually a tower there (yeap, I didn’t know about it either). I turned around my car and went to see it. There is a $5 entrance fee if you want to go to the top of the tower, but it’s worth it. You have a beautiful view of the valleys around and the Delaware River.

On my way home, I passed by Tyler park (you can see some portraits that I did for my parents here) and I stopped to take one last picture.

So, while National Geographic has beautiful documentaries, nothing beats going and seeing for yourself. When you sit on your couch, you can’t smell the grass, you can’t feel the breeze on your face. Go out and enjoy and take in all the beauty that’s all around you. I hope that in the next couple of weeks I can go out again and enjoy the colors.

Bucks County Portrait Photographer