Most people might not know who John Michael Cooper is. And you can say most brides don’t know who he is. But I’m sure most brides know what a “Trash the Dress” session is. Well, you could say that he is the godfather of the “Trash the Dress” session.

A few years back he created some controversy with his [wedding] work (especially with some feminists groups). You can see some of his images on his site (check out his signature images, specifically image 11 and 25): Altf

And that put the alternative type [wedding] photography on the map. Now, he is a great photographer and a great mentor. A few years back he started a pay it forward program. He would travel the county and photograph professional photographer’s family portrait. In exchange, the photographer will also photograph another photographer’s family (who would like to keep paying it forward) as well as a family that cannot afford a professional portrait. I wasn’t able to participate last time, but when he announced that he will do it again, I jumped right on it.

Bellow is the image he took of my family. He wanted to use a location that is Philly. And what other place says that better than the famous Geno’s (and Pat) steaks?

To see more images from the project (I highly recommend it), visit the Facebook page dedicated to the project: Roadside Families

If you are a photographer and would like me to photograph your family (and willing to pay it forward), just comment on this post (or send me a message) and I’ll be happy to photograph you and your family.

If you know somebody that deserves and can’t afford professional family portraits, please send me their contact information and it will be my pleasure to photograph them. The session is free of charge and the family will receive a free print as well. The only limitation is that the session has to be within 50 miles radius of my office (Blue Bell, PA).

Philadelphia Portrait Photographer