Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

This is the season of giving and in the spirit of the holidays I would like to make the last post of the year about giving.

I truly believe that giving makes you feel better than receiving. When you see the appreciation and happiness in the other’s person eyes … it’s hard to express the feeling. I guess that’s why we hear about all the secret Santas and many of the good deeds people are doing all around the country (and world). I wish this sentiment would last all year long, not just around the holidays.

This year was my first year participating in Help Portrait. It’s an all volunteer organization that will give free portraits to people that can’t afford them. It’s an international event that happens once a year during the holiday season. In Philadelphia area were few locations where this took place and 595 people were photographed. All thanks to wonderful volunteers and some great photographers of which some I’m happy to call friends.

I also wanted to get my son involved so he can see first hand the value of helping others that are less fortunate. I’m so proud of him. This is an image of him with the sign he made to let people know of the event (Instagram).

You can read some of the stories at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

So, this holiday season, pick a stranger and do a random act of kindness. No matter how small, it will be greatly appreciated. If somebody helped you out, pay it forward. And if you can, keep the spirit going throughout the year.

Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year!

Philadelphia Portrait Photographer

Help Portrait