Last week you met my younger son. This week you will meet my older one. At some point in every man’s life, you need to learn two very important skills: directions (yes, ladies, that’s why we don’t stop for directions) and fire making (although not so important after … well, stone age).

I decided that a hiking trip will help with those two tasks (quality time with my son would be a bonus). Pennsylvania has many state game lands and the Appalachian trail goes trough many of them. Of course, you need the right tools …

Walking up towards the peak of the mountain. Well, since it was his first hiking trip (and let’s just say that I’m not in top condition anymore), we went on a not so high and steep one …

Waiting for dad … errr, posing for the camera …

Once we got to the top, we got down to business

An essential skill … starting the fire with a flint

On our way back (my favorite part of the trip)

We stopped at Cabela’s on our way back home. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you have to stop by and see it. It’s a really cool place and the kids will enjoy it too.

What better way to end this trip than with an … Elk burger.

Thank you for coming along.

Philadelphia Photographer