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Kagami Biraki – River of Life Martial Arts Center

Kagami Biraki is a traditional Japanese celebration that is held in many traditional martial art schools (dojos) in January. It was an old samurai tradition dating back to 15th century and was adopted by modern martial arts symbolizing the beginning of the new year.

At our dojo, all students are invited to train together and there were instructors from aikido, jujutsu and iaido presenting different techniques from their respective arts. Afterwards, there is a ‘cleansing’ session where people go in the stream behind the dojo and dump a bucket of (really) cold water, followed by food and refreshments.

I hope you enjoy the images, especially since this year the dojo had a guest that trained in the art of samurai warrior since he was 4 yrs old.aikido sensei showing a trowing techniqueaikido river of life dojoaikido trow for defenseaikido techniques trowing your opponentkids training aikidotameshigiri - cutting with a katanasamurai trainingiaidoiaido trainingkagami biraki

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