Letters from you - Caitlin and Matt

Letters from you – Caitlin and Matt

OK, it was actually an email. Regardless of the delivery method, it makes my day when I receive raves from past clients. As a wedding photographer, notes such as this show me that my work matters and that clients appreciate my work and I’m not “just another vendor”. Thank you again Caitlin for the kind words and for trusting me to capture your special day. It’s greatly appreciated.



And I’m sure you are curious about the album. Here are a couple of images of the album. Enjoy!


And if you plan on having a wedding, I highly recommend that you meet with your photographer and look and touch and feel the album (and any product you might be interested in). There are many types of products out there and they are all not created equal. We pride ourselves in using ONLY quality products by working with reputable industry partners. Come and see for yourself.


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