Longwood Gardens Engagement Session - Crina & Alex

Longwood Gardens Engagement Session – Crina & Alex

I met with Crina and Alex on a beautiful summer evening for their engagement session at Longwood Gardens. The first thing Crina tells me is “we have to get a picture at the gazebo”. I’ve photographed here many times over the years. I have never seen a gazebo (true, the place is huge, but I would have expected to run into it at one time or another). Well, as they say, you learn something every day: there IS a gazebo at Longwood Gardens 🙂

After the requested image, we moved on to other areas. The beauty of this place is that you have many choices to use as a backdrop for your images. The drawback is, that because of it’s beauty, it’s very popular and it’s challenging to keep the appearance of being alone 🙂


Thank you Crina and Alex for the great evening. I look forward to photographing your wedding later this year.

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