Michelle & Bill - DoubleTree Hotel, Philadelphia

Michelle & Bill – DoubleTree Hotel, Philadelphia

When I walked in Michelle’s room, I could hear her sing “Rain, rain, go away …. Come back on …. Tuesday”. No, she wasn’t actually singing, but you could tell that she was upset because of the uncooperative weather. She started smiling a little bit when I assured her that we will still get some great images. Even her engagement session (you can see it here) was postponed a couple of times because of the rain (remember last June when it rained 3 weeks out of 4…).

I then went to the beautiful Old Saint Joseph’s church where Bill was waiting. His spirits were higher than Michelle’s. We even got out and did some portraits.

Once the ceremony was over, and when she was surrounded by all her friends and family (some flew in from Chicago), Michelle’s worries went out the window. We headed back to DoubleTree hotel to take some more pictures. The bridal party were up to anything I asked of them. We headed out in the rain and got some fun pictures (I loved the matching umbrellas).

The room was beautiful. As always, Lisa DeLuca did a great job at coordinating everything (thank you). At the entrance, there was a folder with some drawings that the kids made for her teacher; there were funny and thoughtful.

By the time the party started, everybody forgot about the rain and bad weather.

And since the “theme” of the wedding was rain, I will end this with a couple of pictures of a beautiful couple that didn’t let the bad weather dampen their spirit.

Michelle & Bill – 1 : Rain – 0