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    After serving families in the tri-state area for over 17 years, we decided to stop taking any new engagements.

    I personally am honored that you entrusted me capturing your intimate moments throughout the years. Be it when you started your family, or grow your family and any other moments in between. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and my life feels more enriched by it.

    I will keep this site up for an indefinite time and I will continue to update it with personal projects. This way you can still view and share your images and I get to share my personal photographic endeavors. I hope you’ll still stop by from time to time and say hello.

    From the bottom of my heart, a sincere THANK YOU!

We start our second installment of Alex and Rebecca’s wedding with the image of a (just a little) nervous groom 🙂


Nervous (anxious) groom before the ketubah signing


And everybody else is getting ready for the signing of the ketubah (the traditional Jewish wedding document)

Preparations for the ketubah signingRabi giving the last instructions before ketubah signing for a jewish weddingBride signing th ketubah at Blue Bell Country ClubGroom signing the ketubah at Blue Bell Country ClubBride and groom showing the ketubah


Another Jewish tradition is the Bedekken – veiling of the bride. It references the biblical story, in which the father substitutes one daughter with another. The groom traditionally lifts the veil to make sure he is marrying the right bride. Based on the smile, no problems here 🙂

Peeking under the veil is a jewish wedding tradition


We were lucky for a very beautiful day to celebrate.

Bride walking down the isle with her mother in an outdoor jewish ceremony


Another tradition is the encircling of the groom. The bride circles the groom seven times (sometimes 3).

Bride circling the groom seven times during jewish ceremonyGroom showing the ringsGroom putting the wedding ring on brideBride puts the ring on groom


The tallit used, it belonged to Rebecca’s father who was present in spirit on this wonderful day.

Bride and groom covered by a tallit (shawl) under the chuppahBride and groom under the chuppahMother of the groom giving blessing during wedding ceremonyMother of the bride giving blessing during ceremony


The breaking of the glass is another Jewish tradition which serves as a reminder of the fragility of life.

Breaking of the glass during jewish weddingBride and groom recessional at Blue Bell Country Club outdoor weddingBlue Bell Country Club wedding decor


The reception started with the traditional hora and chair dances.

Bride and gromo during chair dance for a jewish wedding


I love the expression of mom right before she is lifted (it’s scary to be suddenly picked up without having any control)…

Mother of the bride on chair for a jewish wedding


…. but it turns out it’s a lot of fun too.

Bride and groom first dance back litBride and groom first dance at Blue Bell Country Club wedding


Parent dances are always emotional. Rebecca danced with her mom as well as her brother.

Mother and daughter danceBride and brother danceMother and groom dance


And a surprise performance by Alex’s father (along with a few relatives).

Father of the groom performs a song at their weddingwedding reception at Blue Bell Country Club


A lot of fun was had by all. EBE – Paris band did a great job entertaining everyone.

Guests during a jewish hora


As always, we end with a portrait of the bride and groom. An intimate moment between Rebecca and Alex.

Outdoor portrait of bride and groom at Normandy Farms


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

You are in luck today: another wonderful couple featured for your enjoyment. We’ll start with Alex and his groomsmen getting ready (on a beautiful morning at Normand Farms).


Black and white image of groom getting ready and being helped by his groomsmanImage of groom adjusting his cufflingsBlack and white image of the groom getting ready, reflected in the mirror


No matter how old you are, dad is there to help out and adjust the little details.

Black and white image of dad helping groomGroom getting ready at Normandy Farms


Alex surprised the guys with a nice gift: engraved coasters and glasses (and to make sure they will be able to open the beer, an engraved bottle opener 🙂 ).

Groomsmen receiving gifts from the groomDetails from groom getting ready. Engraved coaster, engraved glass, groomsmen tiesOutdoor, black and white portrait of the groom with his groomsmen at Normandy Farms


Shortly after, I went to Blue Bell Country Club where Rebecca was getting ready at her mom’s house.

Bride wedding details. Ivanka Trump wedding shoes, wedding dress, wedding bouqouet, custom wedding dress hanger, wedding rignsBride getting readyMom helping bride with her wedding dress


I love these little moments that happen during the wedding day…

Bride with mom and sister getting readySister helping bride to put shoes on


You can see and feel the connection between the sisters: the look, the hand touch ….

Touching moment of the bride withe her sisterBrideBlack and white picture of the bride, sister and bride


The chaos before the wedding ….

Bridesmaids shoes on the floor


Followed by the proper way 🙂

Bride and bridesmaids showing off their shoes


The beautiful ladies ….

Group portrait of the bride with her bridesmaids


It’s not all serious … it’s a wedding, after all

Fun moment between the bride and flower girl


And while we were waiting for Alex to arrive for the first look, I created a few portraits of the beautiful bride.

Portrait of the bride with purple and white roses bouqouet


And I really love the elegance and ethereal feel of this portrait of Rebecca on the couch.

Elegant portrait of the bride on the couche



The anxious bride waiting for her groom for the first look. It will be the first time they will see each other as bride and groom.Portrait of the bride waiting for the groom for the first look


And captured this image of her adjusting her veil.

Beautiful portrait of the back of the dress and veil of the brideGroom aproaching bride for the first lookReaction of the bride and groom when they see each other first time during first look


We end with another beautiful portrait and moment between Rebecca and Alex by the small pond near the house.

Portrait of the bride and groom by the lake


Check back for more images from this wonderful wedding.


Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

It’s always hard to write these types of articles since they can be perceived as a self serving message. This story was not planned ahead, but it came out of a recent trip with my son at his boyscout camp while looking through the images.

I spent a few days with him at camp Barton in NY on lake Cayuga. Awesome time: sailing on a catamaran, hiking, kayaking … Loved every minute of it … with a couple exceptions 🙂 (the tent sleeping was not as fun as I remembered from my youth years). One of the trips was at Taughannock Falls. For trips like this one, I just bring my little point and shoot camera. Along with the troop, there were a few parents tagging along just like myself. Of course I offered to take a few pictures of them and their kids. I also wanted to capture the moment and get some images of myself and my son together as well (since he’s a teenager now, I might need some proof in the near future that we can have fun together; although it might not seem that way from the picture .. I’m still trying to figure out if it was because he had to pose with me or because he didn’t put gel in his hair for the picture 🙂 ). Bellow is the image I took (left) and the image one of the parents took of myself and my son (right). Same camera (handed my camera to the parent), same settings, same location.

why hire a professional photographer

Digital changed the perception of people about photography, more specifically, about paying for professional photography. Yes, today’s technology is really good (and anybody can take a picture with their phone). However, as you can see, when creating images, you need more than just clicking the shutter. While this was just a “snapshot” (not an important moment like a wedding, for example), you can still see that it makes a difference on how it will come out. A professional’s experience will determine how that image will look (snapshot or not). While it might not make sense to hire someone to come along in your vacations to take pictures of you, I highly recommend hiring a professional for important events in your life (weddings, mitzvahs, newborn portraits…). And make sure you do your homework and research that photographer to make sure (s)he’s been doing it for a while and is really experienced and not just someone that got a nice camera as a gift for their birthday and decided to be a “photographer”.

Check back to see some of the images from my trip. Hey, maybe it will inspire you to have your son/daughter join boy/girl scouts. It’s a lot of fun.


Professional Photography

While we mostly cover social events, we are frequently contacted by professionals for their corporate headshots. Linkedin did a survey with recruiters and found out that accounts that have a profile picture get more clicks compared to the ones that don’t have one. And it makes sense to have a professional image instead of some snapshot with bad lighting (or just picked from a vacation image).

Monica contacted us because she wanted a professional headshot that will be featured on her company’s website. We normally take several images, with different clean backgrounds and even different outfits. Our goal is to try to capture who you really are. Monica ended up selecting two images from the session. They happen to be my favorites as well since they really portray the warmth and kindness I felt when I met Monica.

Corporate headshot of a woman taken by Philadelphia corporate headshot photographer.Coporate Headshot taken by Conshohocken corporate headshot photographer.


Philadelphia Corporate Headshot Photographer