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One day, I got an email from Karen: “I’m writing about our partners, and for photography, I would like to write about favorite places where you like to go”. I like to keep my work fresh and I always search for different looks. I don’t have a favorite place per se, but I do like to photograph in the city. Within a short walking distance you can have different settings and variety for your pictures.

Location/Venue: The Chestnut Club
Hair & Make-up: Paradis European Salon & Spa

But that got me thinking about one of the challenges a (wedding) photographer faces: coming up with a fresh look, despite of photographing many times at the same places. We, as photographers, rely very much on referrals: both from past clients as well as from colleagues and partners from the industry. That means that we may end up photographing at one venue several times over the years. You don’t want your work to look the same as it did for a previous client. People like fresh ideas and they want their wedding to be unique. At the same time, the venues face the same challenges: they don’t want their venue to look the same and dated and they want their clients to see the potential for a feel that suits them.

Recently I partnered with Paradis European Salon and Spa for a photoshoot. I asked Karen and Healy if we can use the Chestnut Club for our pictures. They were kind enough to let us use the space.
For me, it was a challenge to come up with different looks while staying in the same space. I also hope you can see the tremendous potential the Chestnut Club has to be “transformed” and have the look and feel that you desire.


Footnote: the girls are not professional models; they are either friends or clients of Paradis European Salon & Spa

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