Red Ball Press Party - Chestnut Club Philadelphia

Red Ball Press Party – Chestnut Club Philadelphia

As many of you know, March is the Red Cross month. Last night I had the pleasure of attending their Red Ball Press Party. The event was hosted at the beautiful Chestnut Club at Arcadia in Center City Philadelphia and Max&Me Catering provided the food and drinks (the shrimp and black truffle sauce was one of my favorites).

Red Cross is involved and helps people all around the world. Recently, the Haiti earthquake left millions of people without a roof over their head and in dire need of help. Once again, Red Cross got involved with the relief efforts in the area. CBS 3 news station (and their affiliates) partnered with Red Cross and they raised over 1 million dollars. Jim Donovan from the CBS3 station was present at the event showing his support for the cause.

One of the attendees was George (in the middle, pictured bellow). He is a volunteer with Red Cross and he is also originally from Haiti. His recount of his days right after the quake were moving. Fortunately he found out that his sister and mother were fine.

It was great to meet some fellow press photographers and so many great people. A special thanks to Karen Pecora (from Chestnut Club) who is a volunteer as well (she is also involved with helping our troops and their families). I am happy to call her a friend.