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A couple of months ago I went on a short trip to San Diego. This was my first time on the West Coast. I set a day to just walk around and do some site seeing. Well, I don’t know if you ever been in SD, but let me tell you something: there are a LOT of surfers there. Over here, in a lunch break, people take a walk and enjoy the nice weather (if the weather is nice). In SD, people go to surf in their lunch break. It was just funny to see people puling over, change in their wet suit and go for a ride.

I have to admit: the weather was unbelievable. No humidity and hovering around 70 degrees. I’m not a beach guy (especially if you go to Wildwood or pretty much any shore on the Jersey side), but I really enjoyed the West Coast beaches.

Another thing that impressed me were the palm trees. I’m used to the ones you see when you go in Florida, Bahamas… This dudes are huge on the West Coast. See for yourself:

When I was there, it was the pupping season for the seals. This one was only a day (or two, I don’t remember exactly) old.

At one of the brochures from the hotel, I saw an ad for whale watching. I thought to myself: “that would be cool”. Although it was towards the end of the “season”, I gave it a try. I found a really cool sail ship that it was doing daily trips and jumped on it. Since I didn’t plan for it, I found the hard way that you need a jacket and some head cover. The sunburn wasn’t too bad, but I suffered for few hours…

There was a Navy base in the area and there were helicopters and Navy Seals boats all over the place…

Saw some dolphins on the way …

San Diego skyline…

One thing that it is really cool, you can see beautiful sunsets over the ocean. I’ll let you see what you’ve been missing ….

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  • Kate Warady - San Diego is my favorite city in California!!! I love these photos, particularly the shot of the surfer in the sunset. What a beautiful image. KUDOS!

  • Valentin - Thank you Kate. I liked it there (and the weather is REALLY nice). The only problem, if I lived there, I wouldn’t feel like working … just sit on the beach every day 🙂

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