The Fish Pond Wedding of Crina and Alex

The Fish Pond Wedding of Crina and Alex

One thing I love about my job is that I get to experience different traditions and cultures from all over the world. This time it’s a little bit different since I am familiar with the traditions but it’s new to the readers: a Romanian Orthodox wedding.

The tradition calls for the veil to be put on by the mother of the bride and the godmother. A traditional song is played, normally done by “lautari”. The closest translation would be fiddlers, although the violin is not the only instrument played.

I love this image: Crina pinning the flower on her father’s jacket and mom full of emotions

After the veil is put on, the groom comes in and takes the bride to get wed…

I think the look tells the entire story: no need for the words …

The ceremony was at the Romanian Orthodox Church

And the traditional rice symbolizing abundance in their life.


And, of course, a picture of the beautiful couple.


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