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The Fish Pond Wedding Reception of Crina and Alex


This reception was a little bit different than most. It started at 4pm and ended at 4am the next day. That is nothing new in Romania where in many parts of the country a wedding lasts for three days. However, it is not the norm around here.



It did however started like usual with the first dance of the newly wed couple …


And I love this moment between Alex and Crina …


Another new thing (for many of you) is that they had traditional Romanian singer, all dressed up in a national costume (different parts of the county have different traditional costumes). This is the equivalent of a country singer in US.


As well as all the cool new songs … the atmosphere was electrifying …


The cake cutting started innocent …


… it is not how it ended …


And the negotiations start …. It’s another Romanian tradition: bride-napping (it even made the Huffingtonpost)


… and a few bottles of Champagne later ….


… got his bride back


I didn’t stay until the end, but it was a lot of fun. I will let you with another portrait of the beautiful couple.


Montgomery County Photographer

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