The Oaks Ballroom Wedding of Charlotte & David

The Oaks Ballroom Wedding of Charlotte & David

What a great way to end the year. Not only photographing a beautiful couple, but we got some snow as well.

Church – St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church

We started with Charlotte getting ready.


And some last minute touch-ups 🙂


When I arrived at her house it wasn’t snowing. When we left it was coming down really hard, but Charlotte braved the elements …


At the church, everyone was helping out … even the pastor.


A beautiful moment, right before Matteo walked down the isle his mom ….


… and the emotions were high


I love these little moments that happen throughout the day


Jumping the broom … “Let’s do it”


Let’s go party ….


And in closing, a portrait of Charlotte in the snow. She was waiting for the limo to get in. What a coincidence: the building had red and green, holiday colors.

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