Over the years, Jean Valentin Photography had the pleasure of working with many professionals in the event industry. We will be starting to feature some of our partners that we worked with at different events.

For this installment, we asked Karen from Karen Pecora Events to give us her 10 tips for our brides (it’s OK if you are not one of our brides … I’m sure you will find these tips useful … and we would love to hear from you).

Karen is the owner of Karen Pecora Events (as well as the founder of The Society of Wedding Planners), a full service wedding and event planning company. “We LOVE to keep our couples calm, cool and collected” says Karen. Here are a few insider tips they share with all of their couples, families and bridal parties.

We suggest that you pour a glass of wine, squeeze some cucumber in a glass of water or shake up a martini and soak these instructions in!

Tip 1- Avoid posing for pictures when it isn’t necessary- natural poses tend to look better in photographs.  Relax and let the camera fall in love with you and your emotions of the day!

Tip 2- Every once and again, you should go on a “wedding vacation”…NO talking about the wedding to ANYONE, or thinking about your wedding “To Do List” for a FULL 24 hours! RELAX!

Tip 3- Get your final haircut and color 2 weeks prior to your wedding day.  NO last minute changes to your look or your weight within (2) weeks of your wedding date!  Eat healthy, hydrate but don’t starve yourself or change your hair color!

Tip 4- Don’t try and compete with the Royal Wedding and send out 1,900 invites…Tailor your guest list to those whom you want to partake in your special day.

Tip 5- Make sure you use your bridesmaids! They are there to help you with the not so “fun stuff” as well, such as menu cards, programs, and the “dreaded” seating chart.  Rally support in advance and not at the last second when panic has set in!

Tip 6- Make sure everything is ready and packed for your honeymoon, the last thing you want to do after your wedding is packing.  Start packing the month of your wedding.  This is the NUMBER one task that brides leave to the last second and it becomes a major stress factor!

Tip 7- Looking for something to set your wedding apart from your friends? Biggest Food Trend now is Mini Pie Stations!   Have one at your wedding! Nothing beats Grandma’s homemade apple pie!

Tip 8- Make a date with your girlfriends…bring a bottle of wine and meet at a spa for some relaxation treatments the week before the wedding!

Tip 9- We suggest not only trying on your shoes but wearing them…. so that you don’t get cuts and blisters.  We highly recommend bringing extra shoes to slip on during your reception.

Tip 10- Finally…Don’t get stressed on your wedding day!  Hire a day of wedding coordinator so you have someone to hand off all of your checklists, notes and timelines!  Let a professional carry a cellphone so they can deal with last minute bumps in the road so that you do not have too!  Hire Karen Pecora Events & Enjoy being a Guest at your own wedding by leaving all the details to us!

I hope you find these tips useful (or at least you are enjoying that martini). Thank you Karen for your insight and I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Having a good planner helping you out with your wedding day will not only avoid a lot of the stress associated with planning a wedding, but it could save you money in the process as well. Check back for more tips and to meet more of our professional partners.

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