You probably wonder what the Tuesday Teaser had to do with wedding photography. Despite of being a wedding photographer in the Philadelphia area for 10 years (8 years for my own business), I still go to seminars and workshops to better myself and evolve as a photographer. When I started years ago, 99% of the photographers were still using film and big and bulky cameras. That was one of the ways that photographers differentiated from the “Uncle Bob”. Today, many times, the guests have the same equipment as the photographer (I touched on that subject on my “Even A Monkey Can Do It” segment). The equipment is not (one of) the differentiators anymore. It’s the experience and the eye of the photographer. So I look for inspiration in different parts of our lives: movies, music videos, fashion photography and so on.

Many times, we, as photographers, are faced with different challenges during the day: bad weather, tight schedule, not so glamorous locations. That’s where experience and eye come into effect: deliver the images despite of the challenges. In this segment I will show you the results of working with one such challenge.

Erica and Dan had their wedding at the Marriott Hotel in Conshohocken. All the decorations inside were beautiful. The only problem was that outside, the hotel was … bland. Just concrete and a parking garage. On the other side was the back wall from the business next door which was housing their trash bins.

And these were the images created …

I think that being able to produce a technically great photograph is a given (if you can’t do that, don’t call yourself a pro), but that being able to consistently pull off creative photos is really a talent to strive for and is the constant challenge of our jobs.

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