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Why Photography?

Many times I’m asked “why photography?” and it’s a question that is hard to answer; not because I don’t know the answer, but because it’s hard to put it into words. I am a people’s person and I love the interaction with other people. I love learning about different cultures, and yes, I also enjoy the fun, happiness and fun atmosphere at the events. You get to know a little bit about the family, their history (and through the pictures that I take, I become part of their family history as well). At last night’s wedding, there was no Best Man. I later found out why during the speeches: the grooms’ brother would have been the Best Man, but unfortunately he passed away. Being a father of two boys, it got me a little chocked up. I can’t even imagine what the parents and their family went through. In honor of his memory, his lapel flower was on the table. A picture is truly worth a thousand words (and as many feelings and emotions).


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